Friday, April 18, 2014

April 15 Still Hunting

Well Hello again fellow Hunters.
It has been awhile since I have posted, sorry for that, but to update you on the latest here we go. Just sent another round of edits back to the editor, who I might add is still beating me over the head with my own ignorance, but I am learning (hopefully). The story is changing in ways that I have mixed emotions about, but she assures me it is for the best. I believe her, but in the back of my mind,(a vary scary place) hides just a hint of dought as I am sure all writers have. You know that quiet voice that tell you that you know more than the person that has done this for years and has been published many times, and is taking the time to work with you when she has better things to do.. Yeah... I know shut up and do what she tells you...LOL.
Well I'm just a man doing the best I can to navigate the waters that I have waded into, without a vest, boat or paddle I might add. So she is my life line, I just hope she holds on tot he other end of the rope!!!
But the book is coming along and hopefully with just a few more tweaks we can get this out to you so you can get on the hunt with me. But until then, keep checking back for updates and don't forget to check out Wild Child Publishhing, the best place to find a great read.

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